DeWitt's Gourmet Cookies

Ice Cream Sandwich

Welcome to a world of blissful indulgence at DeWitt's Gourmet Cookies in Joliet, Illinois, where we invite you to elevate your dessert experience with our divine Ice Cream Sandwiches. Crafted to perfection, these delectable treats feature a unique blend of two exquisite DeWitt's Gourmet Cookies embracing a generous scoop of your chosen Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream.
In-Store Only
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The experience begins with the freedom to select your favorite cookies, ranging from classic chocolate chip to the irresistible white chocolate macadamia nut. Each cookie is a work of art, meticulously prepared to ensure a symphony of textures – soft, chewy, and bursting with rich flavors. The cookie duo becomes the outer layer of your personalized ice cream masterpiece.

Enter the realm of choice as you peruse the array of tantalizing Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream flavors available. From velvety vanilla to decadent chocolate fudge brownie, the options are as diverse as your cravings. The chosen scoop is gently nestled between the two gourmet cookies, creating a harmonious marriage of warm, freshly baked goodness and creamy, cold indulgence.

As you take your first blissful bite, the Ice Cream Sandwich becomes a sensory journey, a delightful collision of temperatures and textures. The cookies provide a satisfying chewiness, while the ice cream imparts a cool, luscious creaminess that melts into every nook and cranny.

Whether you're strolling through Joliet's charming streets or seeking a moment of pure dessert delight, our Ice Cream Sandwiches are a portable, customizable treat that transforms every occasion into a celebration of sweet extravagance. Visit DeWitt's Gourmet Cookies and let the magic of our Ice Cream Sandwiches transport you to a world where the marriage of gourmet cookies and Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream creates an unparalleled dessert experience.

Varies dependant on selection of cookie, topping, and ice cream selection. Please see individual products for details

This product is manufactured in a facility that also processes wheat, soy, peanuts and all types of tree nuts.