Fresh Baked Cookies

Get our delicious BAKED WHEN YOU ORDER cookies delivered right to your home. Scheduled local pickup, scheduled local delivery, and nationwide shipping available.

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Frozen Cookie Dough & Ice Cream Sandwiches

Get our delicious GOURMET frozen cookie dough and/or ice cream sandwiches delivered right to your home. Scheduled local pickup and scheduled local delivery available, NO mail shipping. Baking instructions included.

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DeWitt's Apparel

SWAG out with some DeWitt's merch!

*Masks coming soon*

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Mail shipping is ONLY reserved for individual baked cookies (NO cookie cakes, NO ice cream sandwiches, and NO frozen cookie dough at the moment), in quantities of 25. Typically we ship orders Monday or Tuesday. We do not ship later than Tuesday, to ensure products do not sit idle over the weekend. Orders placed after business hours on Tuesday, will not ship until the following Monday. Orders are not guaranteed to ship the same week they are placed. All orders are mailed priority via USPS. Message Us (the blue "Message Us" icon below right) for shipping and all other inquiries, or phone at 815.280.5280 (leave a message), or contact us